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The Chocolate Manor

Chocolate Manor - Break Apart Flavoured Bars

Chocolate Manor - Break Apart Flavoured Bars

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These are no ordinary chocolate bars. These break apart chocolate bars have been handcrafted using the finest Belgian chocolate and paired with exquisite inclusions and flavours. There are classic favourites and then new taste sensations to discover, including the fabulous new Sea Salted Caramel, featured Mussenden Sea Salt, harvested on our doorstep in Castlerock. Each bar contains weighs a minimum of 60g.

The Chocolate: We have selected a first-rate selection of Belgian chocolate for our bars from the creamy and smooth White Chocolate; silky and sweet Caramel Chocolate; pink, tart and fruity Ruby Chocolate; velvety and luscious Milk Chocolate; and a rich and intense Dark Chocolate all of which are available as tantalising bars in their own right, or matched with complementary and irresistible flavours and inclusions.

The Design:  Handmade in our Castlerock workshop, each bar has 5 tempting sections, you can snap off and enjoy. The question is, how many sections will you devour in one go?

The Presentation: Finished in a clear bag with a kraft recyclable label.

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