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Partie de Moi

Partie de Moi Winter Spice

Partie de Moi Winter Spice

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This unique blend of spices - created on the North Coast of Ireland - is inspired by the tastes and aromas of my childhood in Brussels. It contains nine high-quality spices that are gently toasted, ground and then blended together in a secret recipe.

Loosely based on the German Lebkuchengewurtz used traditionally around Christmas time but I use it all year round.

The blend adds warmth and depth - with a kick - to both sweet and savoury dishes. You can't go wrong with Artisan Winter Spice - let your imaginations run wild!

 Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Add to caramelised onions when making a goats cheese tart

Use in red cabbage and cranberry sauce

Add to mince pies, bread &and butter pudding and rice pudding

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