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Causeway Coffee

Causeway Coffee - Niamh

Causeway Coffee - Niamh

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Niamh (Pronounced: Neeve)

One of our newest coffees. A heavy bodied but gentle creamy coffee with notes of sweet butterscotch, mellow citrus and a long smooth finish, We enjoy this simply in a cafetiere in the afternoon. The long smooth finish has been a mission for our roaster. He's jolly good at what he does so we're not too surprised that this coffee has made it to the finals of this year's Irish Food Awards with results revealed at the end of September 

The name Niamh is from the old Irish word Niam meaning bright or radiant

Dark Roast

Bean type Yellow Bourbon
Countries Brazil - Fazenda Pantano, Minas Gerais
Harvest May to December
Preparation Natural
Altitude 1850-1750 masl


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