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Delish Scottish Tablet

Delish Scottish Tablet

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Delicious Scottish Tablet

 Crumbly, buttery and deliciously sweet tablet is a delightful sight for children (and most adults) and a favourite for generations.

Scottish Tablet, a history.
Tablet (or taiblet in Scots) is a medium-hard, melt in the mouth confection from Scotland.
Scottish Tablet has a long history, first noted in The Household Book of Lady Grisell Baillie in the early 18th century. 
Tablet is occasionally referred to as Scottish or Scots tablet or as Swiss Milk tablet, since some people call condensed milk “Swiss Milk”.
For most Scots, tablet is their favourite sweet, especially when home-made. Scottish Tablet is a traditional after dinner sweet and graces many a Scottish wedding or function as the finale to a special meal.

Minimum weight  120g

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